Friday, April 30, 2010

Post to Boast - Volume 4

This weeks topic: Prices for Children's Book

In this economy everyone is trying to save wherever they can. However, ensuring that your children like to and want to read and hear stories is very important. Which brings me to the question...What is the average price you pay for a children's book or what price would you prefer to pay?

What do you think is the "right price" for a children's book?

I try to keep the prices on my books as low as I can.

So to keep in the theme of this email/blog post I am offering to you a 41% discount on any of my books for this week only...from 4/30/10 to 5/6/10.

That's less than $6.50 a book. Just enter this code at checkout on my site... R6CBGQ3B


Yvonne Perry said...

That's a great price: 40% off. That's almost what bookstores get.

Thanks for being part of the blog jog today.
I'm @writersinthesky on Twitter. Give a yell and I'll follow you back.

Yvonne Perry

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