Friday, July 31, 2009

Illustration Friday - Modify

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[Fiction] Friday - July 31, 2009

This weeks challenge: It’s July 31st. What is Santa doing in downtown Los Angeles?

“It’s July 31st.
What is Santa doing in downtown Los Angeles?”

That headline was plastered over every newspaper in LA. Retail business was extremely low this summer and they had to boost business or many of them would go out of business. Somebody suggested a way to get sales going…they should start the holiday shopping off early with huge savings.

And that’s how the papers got their front-page story today.

But this was not just some scheme to get shoppers in the stores; this was a full-blown holiday at the mall. They pulled out all the stops. They lowered the temperature in the mall down to sixty-seven degrees. They put up all the decorations throughout the mall and stacked wrapped boxes from the floor to the ceiling. The music from all the speakers in the mall was the same you would hear as if it was Christmas Eve. Everyone who worked in the mall was asked to dress for the holiday, and they did.

They advertised all over TV about the big event with huge savings, holiday cheer and to top it all off, Santa and his elves.

Of course, with children being out of school they saw all the TV ads and begged their parents to go see Santa. Most every request was granted and even though most parents weren’t ready for it, they took their children to go see the jolly old man.

It worked, retail stores thrived and the following Monday the papers front pages were plastered with a new headline:

“Post Holiday Sale! Hurry for Year-End Savings”
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Friday, July 10, 2009

[Fiction Friday] - July 10, 2009

Write about a misunderstanding between three people.

“What time did you tell him?”

“I didn’t talk to him. He was out when I called so I talked to his wife and she said she would tell him.”

“So what was the message you left?”

“I told her to tell him eight o’clock, at the Civic Center…and that we would meet ‘em at the front doors, on top of the steps.”

“Okay, so where is he?”

“I don’t know…I’ll give him a call.”

“Is it ringing?”

"Yeah it rings but then it’s goin’ to voicemail. He must be on his way.”

“Well, I hope he gets here soon dude, the game’s gonna start in a few.”

“Yeah I know…lets give him a few more minutes and I’ll call him again.”

“You did tell her Saturday…today Saturday right?”

“Yeah, I talked to her yesterday, right after I talked to you and told her this Saturday.”

“Well if he didn’t get the message until this morning…do you think he thought you meant next Saturday?”

“I don’t know…what time you got?”

“Ten of eight.”


“Hey babe, what are you doin’ home?”

“What do mean…I live here.”

“Ha…ha. I thought you were goin’ out with the boys tonight? I left you a note.”

“Yeah I saw it this morning. It said the game is this Saturday.”

“Yeah, this Saturday…today…tonight Saturday.”

“You serious. I thought this Saturday meant this coming Saturday. Chuck me the remote, would ya.”

TV Announcer: “Well Bill, the word is that tonight’s game between the LA and Boston should be a great match up. One of those games you don’t want to miss.”

“Oh man…what time is it?”

“Ten of eight.”

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Friday, July 3, 2009

[Fiction] Friday - July 3, 2009

Where your character is committed to a drastic or extreme change

Two hours waiting in line…joking and laughing with friends…not thinking about what’s next. Feet hurting from standing for so long. Sweating from the humidity…or maybe from nerves and anticipation.

The sound of screams and machine-like mechanisms are getting louder and louder as the next step approaches. Looking back at all the faces who will also go through this experience…this test of will and bravery. They all have varying expressions but share the same look in their eyes every few minutes when the screaming goes through its cycle.

One more rotation of the system, one more cycle of screaming and clunking. Last chance to give in, to let the scare win.

Climbing in now, sitting and looking back at those wondering faces. The anticipation has reached its peak. Seat belt tight, bar moved back into position. Rolling forward, slowly.


Climbing out into the sunlight, higher and higher. Looking side to side at the landscape getting smaller and smaller. Everything is in sight now. Nearing the very top, clinching the bar, rolling over the peak…

“Ahhhh!!! Whoooo!!!” Screams are flying from the short train of cars as we zoom down the hill.

‘Bang’ to the right, ‘Bang’ to the left, up and down over the whoop-de-does, racing up through the corkscrew, around to the right, small climb to another peak, then whipping down and to the left, then right, one last big turn…


The line of cars slows abruptly and creeps back under the canopy. Stopping and exiting the to the other side making room for the next set of roller coaster riders.

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