Friday, July 10, 2009

[Fiction Friday] - July 10, 2009

Write about a misunderstanding between three people.

“What time did you tell him?”

“I didn’t talk to him. He was out when I called so I talked to his wife and she said she would tell him.”

“So what was the message you left?”

“I told her to tell him eight o’clock, at the Civic Center…and that we would meet ‘em at the front doors, on top of the steps.”

“Okay, so where is he?”

“I don’t know…I’ll give him a call.”

“Is it ringing?”

"Yeah it rings but then it’s goin’ to voicemail. He must be on his way.”

“Well, I hope he gets here soon dude, the game’s gonna start in a few.”

“Yeah I know…lets give him a few more minutes and I’ll call him again.”

“You did tell her Saturday…today Saturday right?”

“Yeah, I talked to her yesterday, right after I talked to you and told her this Saturday.”

“Well if he didn’t get the message until this morning…do you think he thought you meant next Saturday?”

“I don’t know…what time you got?”

“Ten of eight.”


“Hey babe, what are you doin’ home?”

“What do mean…I live here.”

“Ha…ha. I thought you were goin’ out with the boys tonight? I left you a note.”

“Yeah I saw it this morning. It said the game is this Saturday.”

“Yeah, this Saturday…today…tonight Saturday.”

“You serious. I thought this Saturday meant this coming Saturday. Chuck me the remote, would ya.”

TV Announcer: “Well Bill, the word is that tonight’s game between the LA and Boston should be a great match up. One of those games you don’t want to miss.”

“Oh man…what time is it?”

“Ten of eight.”

copyright Uncle Tee Books


William said...

Enjoyable, Uncle Tee. I can picture the misunderstanding.

Chris said...

Nice job capturing the confusion between the two friends who were accidentally stood up. Very enjoyable.

Tammy said...

awesome job!

Annie Evett said...

a good job capturing the misunderstanding between a group of friends - who obviously are so comfortable with one another they don't recheck or confirm details.
Its always very difficult to writer honest and realistic dialogue, but yours kept flowing with the down to earth attitudes your characters demanded.
My FF for this week can be found at

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