Friday, June 26, 2009

[Fiction] Friday - June 26th, 2009

Challenge - Your story involves an invasion of privacy.

Julie climbed the hardwood stairs, gripping the railing and humming the song she was listening to on her ipod. With each step she took, she was thinking of how she was going to start today’s entry. There were several topics she wanted to record, but which to start with was the challenge.

Leaving the stairway behind and dancing down the hall, she reached the door to her bedroom. It was shut all the way. She usually kept it open a few inches. Without giving it much thought she entered her large, purple painted room. Its d├ęcor consisted of pink and purple window drapery; white, pink and purple comforter, sheets and pillowcase and a large white oval shaped rug set askew. Her room also housed two very large dressers that surrounded the doorway to her walk-in closet. Among the scattered clothes and shoes that had not been put away, her desk and vanity hid camouflaged, covered with photos and notes, on the other side of her bed.

She pushed the door open, removed the buds from her ears and tossed them, along with the ipod, onto her bed. Spinning around and twirling to her desk she reached out for her favorite pen that she used only for her diary.

Scribbling a few lines on a piece of scrap paper on her desk she mutters, “Okay, good to go.”

As she walked over to her dresser where she secretly kept her diary she noticed that her sock drawer was open along with some socks laying over the edge of the finely crafted dresser drawer.

‘That’s not how I left it…’ she thought.

Digging through her socks to the back, where her diary is supposed to be, she finds that it’s gone.

“Mom! Have you been in my room!?!” She hollered without even standing up.


“UGH.” Julie grunts. “DYLAN!!”

She stands and stomps for the doorway where she finds her four year younger brother standing with her diary in his hands.

“Lookin’ for something?” He asks as he waives it around in the air.

“If you’ve read anything in there you’re dead!” She threatens, squinting and piercing her eyes right at him.

“That’s for me to know, and you to never find out.” He spouts back as he tosses it at her and runs out of the doorway.

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febes said...
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Annie Evett said...

ahhh little brothers... such squirts and pains... but they do turn out to be handy when they get older.
Great pace you have going here - very naturalistic. Good description setting the scene of a teenage girl..
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James Ashelford said...

Lor', that brings back memories of my kid sister taking stuff from my room. It has to be said you also captured well the righteous indignation of the girl whose privacy was invaded (like when I stole from her room).

Its always good to have strong, recogniable emotions but when portraying children they're often this temptation to make them overly comical and less realistc, a temptation you've avoided as it seemed very true to life to me.

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