Friday, September 18, 2009

[Fiction] Friday - September 18, 2009

Picture Prompt: The Starry Night by Van Gogh

It was chilly up on the hill overlooking the town. The cool breeze swirled in small funnels all around him. The ground was grassy and dry, too cold for annoying insects and the sky was clear. Vincent was happy he chose this night to capture the scene.

After walking back and forth, searching for the right spot, Vincent had found his spot. He had his easel set up, his paints ready to go and he the stars were only getting brighter.

They twinkled and flashed as he starred at them trying to image what they felt like and how far away they were. He could see that they were different colors but couldn’t quite create the exact color on his pallet.

The gradient sky was a magnificent backdrop for the sleepy town. Below it, the rolling hills with the trees and houses at its feet. Dark shadows and dimly light candles filled the windows and streets.

He knew he hadn’t much time to capture the landscape before night swallowed it in its darkness. The moon wouldn’t stop for Vincent to take his time, the time was now, and he had to paint fast.

He transformed the canvas with such ease. Merging on it the image before him and the way that he saw it. The night went on changing, growing darker and colder until the moon left his canvas. The stars followed as hills and sky became one.

Vincent finished and packed up his tools. He carefully lifted his painting off the easel and carried it back down the path that he came. That night he captured a scene that would never return and would never be exactly the same. To Vincent it was just another starry night.

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Writer, Thaumaturg, Mum said...

Welcome back to FF!!

I love this painting and your story ahs given just a little insight into the orgins ( be they true or not) but gives it texture and reality.

thanks for popping by my story and your comments - others can see mine on http://annieevett.blogspot/2009/09/lone-stars.html

Ronda Levine said...

I like this piece. It almost could turn into a small pithy magazine article - or story for a market like Cricket... Thanks for sharing :)

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