Thursday, September 24, 2009

[Fiction] Friday - September 25, 2009

This weeks challenge: The house lights dim, the curtain goes up… you’re on.

‘What’s this? - Where am I? – It’s so bright! – Are those people? I thought as my eyes adjusted to the sudden flash of light. I was on my back. ‘How did I get here?’

I sat up and tried to look around. The smell in the dust-ridden air was horrible. My head was sore and soaking wet. My eyes felt like I had been asleep for days.

“Hello?” I said using my hand as a visor to block the bright searing lights.

“Who’s out there? Where am I?” I demanded.

Suddenly out of the bright glow came an apple…bam! Right at my head.

“Hey!” I screamed.

Then, as I was rubbing my head, came another piece of fruit, this time an orange…and it nailed me in the leg.

“Booo! Booo! Do somethin’! Booo!” Roared an angry mob that I could not see.

“What’s going on? Who are you? Why am I here?” I yelled out even louder than last time to try to be heard over the dissatisfied crowd.

The white light switched to blue and now I could see some faint silhouettes. Here and there I could see a glow from a burning cigarette like fireflies exploring the night. I stood up but I couldn’t take a step. My feet were shackled to the floor. The light switched to red. I glared up at the source of it, blocking it with my hand.

“Who’s doing that? What do you WANT?” I screamed again but with more rage.

The silence was deafening. No one would answer me.

The lights clicked off. It was pitch black. I heard footsteps, lots of them, growing louder and louder. They grabbed me and forced me down. I could hear the shackles being unlocked and then straps being wrapped around me.

“What’s the matter with you?” Whispered a women’s voice.

“Yeah – c’mon mate – quit acting all loopy.” Whispered another voice, this time a man.

‘Did I know these voices?’ I thought. ‘They don’t sound familiar.’

The grasps suddenly left my body and I heard the scurrying of them all rush away.

“Wait – wait!” I yelled. “What did you do to me? Help me, please!”

Then the lights slammed on again. They seemed brighter than last time. I went to block the light but my arms were stuck. My legs were stuck.

I started to rise from floor and rotate up facing the crowd again. The lights started flashing, red, green, blue, purple, in varying patterns and brightness. Then they started circling the room but I couldn’t follow them because my head was stuck too.

I wiggled and squirmed in frustration and fear, trying to break free. Then whatever was holding me broke free, I lost my balance and started for the floor, backwards…boom the lights went out again.

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Annie Evett said...

I really enjoyed this piece. Sci fi, post apocalyptic, dream scape? Could be any – but each works well with this chilling encounter of the confusion the character experiences under the stress of the bright lights of the stage.
visitor can see my FF here -
where I experiment with a barabara cartland style romance.

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