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[Fiction] Friday - September 4, 2009

Personal Note: I haven't participated in the last few weeks of [Fiction] Friday due to certain deadlines. I was trying to get ready for an art show and finish my latest children's book...which will be released in a few days. You can see all my books at my website. I am creating books non-stop, please take a look at them.

This weeks challenge: Pick an ordinary object, and give it an extraordinary use.

A cool breeze rushed through the crisp autumn air as the leaves slowly drifted down from the trees one by one. The sun cast long shadows through the thinning foliage. It was the first time in a week that the wet ground had any sunlight on it.

David and his son, Tommy, were just finishing their breakfast.

“Today’s the day, Tommy.”

“The day for what?” Tommy asked.

“Well, now that it finally stopped rainin’ we have to git out there and drain the pool cover.”

“Really, that’s what we’re goin’ to do?” Tommy asked with excitement.

“Yeah, we have to. It’s not goin’ to be that much fun ya know.”

They cleaned up the table, put on their boots and coats and headed for the shed. David hunted around until he found the pump that he uses to get the water off the pool cover.

“Ah, here it is. Tommy, can you start unwindin’ the hose?”


David hung the pump over the edge of the pool cover into the cold, clear water and positioned it just right. He unwound the cord and ran it to the extension cord he had plugged earlier on their way to the shed.

“Okay, just gotta hook up the hose then plug it in. Got it out yet?” David said as he turned to Tommy who was down at the edge of the grass. “What are you doin’?”

“Nothin’.” Tommy replied as he carried some rocks from the nearby wood line.

He had the hose stretched out from where he was, around the pool and next to spot where David placed the pump.

David connected the hose to the pump and followed it to the end to be sure it wasn’t kinked or facing the wrong way. Then he went back up to the pool and plugged it in.

“Here it comes.” He yelled to Tommy.

Tommy was holding the hose and a rock, trying to position it on top of another rock to be the start of his waterfall. He strategically placed and fitted each rock so that the water would move in exactly the direction that he wanted it to.

Tommy was lost in his own world, manipulating the water as gravity pulled it down. His hands were ice cold from building the beautiful and complicated maze of rocks and flowing water coming from what most other people saw as just an ordinary garden hose.

About fifteen minutes past and David was getting the last of the water, “Okay…it’s almost empty.” He said as he walked around the pool and down to where Tommy was. “Wow! That is awesome. Aren’t your hands cold?”

“Not really.”

"Well, in just another minute the water is goin’ stop but that is really cool what you made there.” David said. “Why don’t you leave it and next time we drain the pool you can make it bigger and better?”

David walked back up to the pump. He was trying to remember what it was like to be Tommy’s age and taking regular objects and making them extraordinary.

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Chris Chartrand said...

Loved It! It appears you and I interpreted the prompt in pretty much the same way. I loved how Tommy was able to help David see things in a different, more innocent way.

My offering for the week:

CJT said...

Children really are more creative in things they do. I really appreciate your insite and how your writing pulled me in.

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