Friday, May 14, 2010

[Fiction] Friday - May 14, 2010

[Fiction] Friday: I knew it was a mistake the moment it was over

It was a long drive back from the fitness convention that I was working and I was anxious to see my wife and newborn son. I was getting uncomfortable and needed to pull over, stretch and grab a cup of joe. The next exit had a sign for Food so I decided to take it.

I pulled into the parking lot of this coffee shop that was just a half-mile or so off the exit in some small town that I never knew was here. I’ve past this exit a dozen times and never needed to stop before.

As I stood and stretched by the side of my car I noticed there was only one other car in the lot and the traffic going by, well, there wasn’t any. I swung the car door shut and made my way in through the tightly hinged glass door at the entrance.

Stopping just a few steps inside the establishment I studied the menu above the brightly lit front counter. Deciding that I’d just get a coffee and go I approached the counter. That’s when it started.

I was immediately attracted. My heart rate increased, the lust grew stronger with each second that passed. Those two firm beauties staring me right in the face. I couldn’t resist. I told her what I wanted and she told me how much it was going cost me to have them.

I paid her cash and then we turned and left swiftly and made our way to my car. I started the engine and pulled into a quiet secluded spot in the back of the lot. I tried to concentrate on what I was doing but I just couldn’t keep my eyes off the beautiful pair in the passenger seat.

“This looks like a good spot, don’t you think?” I said aloud.

I shut off the car and looked over to the passenger seat. I leaned over and was gentle and caring. I tried to stop myself but I just couldn’t. The temptation was too great. Her smell, her taste, her shape, I just couldn’t control my hunger.

When I was done the guilt washed over me and I knew it was a mistake the moment it was over. I could just picture my wife’s expression if she knew, the disappointment and shame.

I opened the car door, cleaned up the mess, walked over to the trashcan and disposed of the evidence. As I walked back I thought to myself, ‘That was definitely worth it. So I have to do a couple of extra cardio workouts, those were two of the best Boston cream pies I have ever had.’


Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I'd read your story before your comment on mine, I knew what was coming and wish I hadn't cause I think that would've been brilliant. I'm so amused that there's so much food guilt going round today! :-)

Walt said...

I'm in the same boat as newtowritinggirl, I saw your comment on her blog and knew the twist before you revealed it. Even knowing what was coming, I thought the end was excellent.

Adam B said...

A very deft touch in this piece. It is such a good build up. Lovely double entendre. Had a good laugh too.

Shelli said...

Very clever take on the first thought that comes to mind with this prompt (bad sex). A very fun twist.

Nona said...

Skillful first it seemed there was danger in the parking lot, then the sexual encounter finally the comfort food. Three different emotions for a cup of joe...GREAT!
I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Just a little bit more work and I would have never been able to foresee you were talking about food - instead, the waitress.
All in all, suspenseful and descriptive. Good job.

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