Friday, May 14, 2010

Post to Boast - Volume 6

This weeks topic: Paper or Plastic

This weeks Post to Boast is a tricky one.
Would you prefer to read to children with an iPad or an actual book with paper pages?

It's an interesting multi-sided question.

On one side you've got a less expensive, environmentally friendly, bright full color children's book (thousands of them at your finger tips) glowing on a screen...a rather expensive one.

And on the other hand you have a touchy feely, not environmentally friendly book that you can turn the pages and feel the weight of the book and it's your very own, but it costs more.

So which would you prefer now and even in the future. Will our grand kids and great grand kids ever see a book?

Also, I've posted a new [Fiction] Friday, you can read it here.

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A hope this was helpful and fun for all.

Thanks for your time


Anonymous said...

"Keep up the good work">
from, Your Uncle Charlie

Nona said...

I don't have an iPad yet so I have to say the old fashioned books. There is nothing like cuddling on the couch with my grandchildren and reading a story which they have picked from the book shelf.

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